Like many Oregon residents, you may be either excited or anxious at the passing of Measure 91 in Oregon, which states that marijuana will be legal to purchase and consume recreationally by adults over the age of 21. I emphasize the word “will” because Measure 91 has not yet taken into effect, even though it has passed.

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The law will go into effect this July of 2015. This means that adults over the age of 21 will be able to legally own and consume marijuana and marijuana products – as long as the cannabis is consumed out of public view, alongside any other stipulations they may write in the meantime. However, the OLCC has until January of 2016 to begin reviewing and issuing licenses to would-be recreational marijuana dispensaries. So, even though adults over 21 will be able to possess and consume their cannabis, they will not be able to purchase it from a recreational dispensary until the latter half of 2016. 

Therefore, it would be advantageous for any medical patients to keep their cards current, at the very least until the end of 2016 when they will be able to legally purchase cannabis from recreational marijuana dispensaries in the state of Oregon.

All this may soon be yours. Unless you're a medical patient, in which case you're already covered.

All this may soon be yours. Unless you’re a medical patient, in which case you’re already covered.

For more information on the differences, from our current understanding, between medical and recreational marijuana laws, please reference this handy chart from the folks behind the Measure 91 campaign, New Approach Oregon.

Also, in reference to the current state of affairs concerning recreational marijuana implementation and lawmaking in Oregon, check out this article in which lawmakers urge Oregon not to merge the medical and recreational markets.